Handikappede barns foreldreforening (Association for Parents with Disabled Kids) is a member of The Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD). NAD is the advocacy organisation of people with disabilities. Our vision is a society for all, where people with disabilities have the same opportunity as other people have to live according to their own wishes, abilities and interests.

We represent more than 1500 persons in Norway and focus on Childs right to be them self, uncompromising their disability. 

This means:

  • We think that people with disabilities should be able to get an education without having to go to the one school that is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • We think that people with disabilities should have meaningful jobs and not have to stay at home, living on social security, because public employment services or employers believe that you have nothing to offer if you walk differently or use crutches.
  • If working is not an alternative, one should still have a decent income and a dignified life.
  • In our view, it is a basic necessity to be able to find a suitable home in an environment of your own choice, rather than being pressured to live in institutionalised housing in a place you have no links to.
  • It is obvious to us that people with disabilities should have a social life and active leisure time just like everyone else.
  • Not least, it should be possible to receive the technical aids and rehabilitation services needed, without having to use time and resources to fight for what is legally yours.
  • An important pre-requisite for people with disabilities to be able to participate in all areas of life is an accessible society where people with disabilities are not discriminated against, but are respected in the same way as all other members of society.