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Håvard Ravn Ottesen

Monica Tangen 

We are eager to show that Able Gaming gives opportunities for all. Microsoft launched their adaptive controller with the slogan - When all plays, we all win.


We do advocate that no one shall be left behind I the digital leap. The fact that 9 of 10 Norwegian youth plays - means that we must step up in innovation for our children's and for all disabilities. No one shall be left behind. 


We team up with the best frontiers for Able Gaming in Norway. The movie about the Norwegian Gamer Mats Ibelin Steen is by far the most seen movie on theatres this season. The story of Ibelin shows the impact of Able Gaming. His parent’s allowance of gaming WoW as activity inspires a whole generation of parents and gamers.  The movie will be launched on Netflix by end of the year. Read more about Ibelin in this  this BBC article

HBF is a Norwegian association for parents of disabled children. We are proud to be a part of the Norwegian delegation on #GAconf2024. 

We team up with some of the biggest e-gaming arenas in Norway to promote that Able Gaming is important for inclusion. That including Aktive Gamere ( and the Jotunheimen E-sport.

We cooperate with KRED Norway to promote Able Gaming, including Norway biggest event for disabled children in May. 

This spring we will hold national conferences of Able Gaming in Bergen and Trondheim by June and participate in the Arendalsuka, the largest political gathering in Norway held annually since 2012.



Meld deg på nyhetsbrevet slik at du ikke går glipp av viktige saker!

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